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Qualifi Level 5 in Early Learning and Childcare

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The Diploma’s objective is to give credit to individuals who want to improve their own capacities for properly instructing and evaluating students in a controlled setting. It is intended for all Qualifi centers to offer students opportunities to expand their understanding of assessment in order to produce standardized, consistent assessment reports and suitable feedback for students.

Internationally recognized academic and professional credentials are offered by QUALIFI. Being recognized as a granting Organization (AO) in the UK is the first step in QUALIFI’s strict focus on high standards and consistency in the design and granting of valued certifications.

Qualification Structure

The Qualifi Level 5 in Early Learning and Childcare is a thorough educational program created to give people the fundamental information and abilities needed to care for and instruct young children. A planned curriculum designed to give a comprehensive understanding of early childhood development and efficient childcare techniques is included in this degree.

The core modules, which cover crucial topics like child development and well-being and dig into the nuances of child growth, development and techniques to enhance their physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being, serve as the qualification’s cornerstone. Another crucial topic is Safeguarding and Child Protection, which explores risk assessment, abuse recognition and the moral and legal obligations associated with protecting children

Awarding Body

Qualifi is recognised as an Awarding Organisation (AO) by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). This is a non-ministerial UK government departments that regulate qualifications, exams and assessments. Qualifi provides a more flexible, cost effective route for learners to achieve degrees and masters degrees through its progression routes with Universities.


Mandatory Units:

This module explores the creation of policies and procedures, organizational management, and effective leadership to guarantee children's safety, wellbeing, and best-in-class care. The creation and implementation of nurturing environment strategies, effective resource management, inclusive practice promotion, and staff supervision to uphold high standards of care delivery are among the topics covered.

This session gives students the skills they need to build supportive surroundings that help kids develop their emotional resilience and capacity to handle a variety of obstacles.

This program equips teachers to use proactive strategies that promote good behavior and young students' social-emotional development.

This program gives educators the tools they need to support young learners' entire growth and learning capacities by nurturing their effective communication skills and facilitating holistic development

Optional Units:

Children numerous growths is emphasized in the Qualifi Level 5 in Early Learning and Childcare module, Managing Children's Holistic Development in Early Years. It includes elements that are social, emotional, cognitive, and physical, and it helps teachers design all-encompassing plans for promoting development that is well-rounded in the early years.

The goal of the Qualifi Level 5 in Early Learning and Childcare module "Developing Children's Literacy Skills" is to help young students develop the fundamentals of literacy. It explores ways to support language learning, reading, writing, and communication, with a focus on building a solid literacy foundation that is essential for a child's future academic achievement

The goal of the Qualifi Level 5 in Early Learning and Childcare module Developing Children's Mathematical Skills is to help young students develop the fundamentals of mathematics. It looks at ways to get kids interested in problem-solving, critical thinking, and numeracy while focusing on ways to build a strong mathematical foundation that is essential for a kid's cognitive development.

Ensuring the safety and protection of children is the main focus of the "Safeguarding in Early Years" curriculum under Qualifi Level 5 in Early Learning and Childcare. Legislative frameworks, risk assessment, and protocols for recognizing and successfully addressing possible dangers, abuse, or injury are all included.

The goal of Qualifi Level 5 in Early Learning and Childcare's Health and Safety in Early Years module is to provide children with safe and healthy settings. It explores policies, procedures, and risk management techniques to guarantee adherence to health and safety requirements

In order to guarantee each child's holistic development, it delves into the identification, assessment and interventions for kids with SEND, placing a strong emphasis on inclusive approaches and working in tandem with families and other professionals.

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The Qualifi Level 5 in Early Learning and Childcare focuses on advanced knowledge and practical skills required for managing and leading in early childhood education. It covers diverse aspects of child development, teaching methodologies, safeguarding and managerial skills within educational settings.

This program is designed for individuals who have prior experience or a Level 3 qualification in Early Learning and Childcare. However, consideration might be given to applicants from related fields subject to an interview and demonstrating their capability for this advanced level of study.

Achieving the Level 5 Diploma in Early Learning and Childcare can enhance your career prospects significantly. It equips you with advanced knowledge and practical expertise, qualifying you for managerial positions, leadership roles or the opportunity to progress to higher education within the field of early childhood education and care.

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